The whole Global Domains International join process takes around 3 minutes altogether yet we understood that for new individuals, a few parts can be somewhat challenging. The purpose of this area is to address each portion of the join procedure.

Step 1: Pick an appealing username. Something that portrays a monetary open door and so forth.. You may want to choose to utilize an extremely basic username, for instance, bossbusiness101. The Username is imperative since you will utilize it each and every day when you advance Global Domains International and you will need it to login your account. So contemplate the username you intend to get.

Step 2: This part explains itself just verify that you are not a robot at the end.

Step 3: Enter your full contact info. It is secure.

Step 4: Choose a .WS domain name. You may want to choose something like Or something to go with your nitch, you can pick the exact name as your username (or your first and last name). Simply recall that on the off chance that you choose to make a site later on, this domain name will be your site name; so pick it carefully. Try not to pick a .NET or .COM. On the off chance that you do, you will pay more than the normally $10 every month that Global Domains International offers. Try not to choose a premium domain name too. They cost more also.

STEP 5: As a double check, you should see an amount of ONLY $10 on this page. If you see an amount any higher, you have done something wrong. Please contact me immediately at or facebook for additional help. Also, you do NOT need to add “Domain privacy”.

Step 6: Click Continue. You don’t have to include GDI Premium now. When you start making money, you should adding the Premium membership in light of the colossal advantages it has, for example, permitting you 3 gift cards each month. You can give those gift vouchers to companions who are reluctant to join, with the advantage that they can join for free for 30 days! The premium account has (many) more alluring highlights. A GDI premium members pay $50/month. You should pay $10/month until the point when you begin creating a large amount of income.

Step 7: Remember, this is RISK FREE (No cash down) for 7 days. When your free trial is complete, Global Domains International will charge your automatically bills you for ONLY $10/month. At a rate 90% of new individuals remain with Global Domains International after their 7-Day Free Trial since they appreciate the pay opportunity that GDI offers. Also, I know you will remain too. GDI offers 5 distinctive installment choices – Credit, Debit, Prepaid, Paypal and Bank Wire.

Step 8: Enter your billing info. Global Domains International does NOT charge you until the point when your 7-day Free Trial is complete. To play it safe check again that the full sum appeared at the base of this installment page is ONLY $10. On the off chance that you see a higher sum, I will help you it’s not too much trouble just get in touch with me promptly at

STEP 9: THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT You Must Complete these steps to receive your full commissions including all Bonuses!!

Go to your GDI back office at: and login

with your USERNAME AND PASSWORD you setup with GDI, then scroll down

on the left and click on the “Documentation Tab” then go under where it says:

(For U.S. Residents) or (Non-U.S. Residents) whichever applies to you and submit the last page of the following 2 documents:

Independent Affiliate Agreement Terms and Conditions
Independent Affiliate Policies and Procedures

Also submit a photo ID of your driver’s license or passport

and print off the W-9 or W-8 form they give you with the link there on that Page. You can print off all the documents, sign them, and then send them back by either email, mail, or fax. I recommend faxing them to GDI at: 760-602-3099 then emailing support with GDI and tell them you submitted paperwork to them by fax and ask them to email you when they have your paperwork updated in their database.  I personally had my forms faxed for free at my Wells Fargo bank and there were no problems.

 Then click on the “Preferred Commission Method” tab on the left.

Then scroll down to “Your Current Preferred Commission Method” to see your default method of commission payment. You can change it by going to the Change To tab right beside it and clicking on one of the other options to receive commissions which are bank wire or PayPal. Then make sure you click on the “UPDATE” button on that screen to save your settings.

And Don’t Forget to Do Your Learning Bonuses You Will earn an Extra $25

Please ask me if you what more info on that…


Keep in mind

Think precisely while picking a domain name

Pick a domain name that you would like to keep forever


It is Vital information you need to know when agreeing to join GDI.

We recommend that all clients/members utilize either

Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox

for Global Domains International administrations, particularly while making an account.

Also please be sure when signing up for an account you have
cookies enabled within your browser

For any more issues or difficulties get in touch with us

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